Monday, October 3, 2011

Spiritual Petsitting

This week we are visiting two darling dogs, Elvis and Sophie. This is new client, referred by one of our long time clients, and we thank her again for the trust!

As I sat in the cool morning with Sophie the itty bitty poodle on my lap and Elvis the schnauzer guarding the property from evil squirrels, I thought about why I love our petsitting business so much.

Sons and I have been doing this for over 6 years. They grew up with it, first accompanying me on sits, now they do the bulk of the sits on their own. Lots of great memories together and car time to talk.

But, I love it because I feel like I am a caretaker. Caring for these pets who are special in the clients' lives. Allowing them to travel (for vacations, family events, some happy some sad) and knowing their beloved animals are in good hands. Also their house is safe and looks lived in.

But as I sit in a home, am there multiple times a day, I feel I get to know the people. No, I don't snoop, but I see. See photos on the fridge, the coats on the rack, the running shoes by the back door, the dad's shirts pressed in the laundry room ready for work the next Monday, the dishes in the sink or cheerios on the floor.

I spend my lap time with the dogs (or cats) doing my spiritual reading or meditations. It allows me to pray for them as well. There is something intimate about being in someone's home when they are not there. I am so thankful for the trust.

Today as I sat with Sophie in the pool lounge, and Elvis was doing Squirrel Sentry Duty, I felt so thankful and also in awe at the responsibility I had. I also read today's liturgy scripture about the greatest commandment- to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and one another as our self.

I feel I fail so often. What should I be doing? Big things, little things? Well, this is a little thing I can do. Love their pets. Love them.

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  1. I love it... We can only really do one thing..often little..and move onto the next. Then the next. Very helpful for me, Cindy!