Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why We (I) Blog

Why we blog. My inspiration for this post came from Leonie. (Hi Leonie!)

I have been AWOL from blogging for a long time. I am not going to post any more dumb, boring, silly wimpy excuses why I did not blog because my life is no more busy and overwhelming than any one who is reading this. It is probably due to my serious faults, egoism (perfectionism) and lack of organizational skills, tiredness of staring at the computer screen and a serious lack of abilities to set priorities.

At this point, I have laid it all out there, so the proof will be if I keep blogging!

But one thing in particular that caught my eye in Leonie's post was
"And blogging helps me. I think and find solutions while writing. While blogging.

Writing about an idea frees me of it. Thinking about it is a circle of repetitions
. Mason Cooley

That is why I blogged before and why I am back to blogging now.

I have linked my old blogs in the side bar if you are interested. They are full of sweet and sometimes tense and scary days of Homeschooling---metamorphosis---Unschooling our two sons. Most of them were written when the guys were between 8 and 16. They are now 18 and 21. Yup.

So, my life is different. I am on the 'other side' in many ways. But still in the midst and sometimes the muck in many just as poignant ways.

What do I share, what do I not on the internet, which has also leaped into a new stratusphere since my old blogging days? (NOTE: When I last blogged there was no FACEBOOK. yeahh....)

I asked this of one very pragmatic son this question today.

"Easy", he said while chewing pizza, "Just don't write anything that you would not mind anyone in the world reading."

Yeah right. Just like a man. I told him with my best mom's arched eyebrow, I have thinks to say and connections to be made.. I am a female and very relational.

He kept chewing.

Ok, thanks for reading this, if you are. More to come...

P.S. If you read this, could you comment? I have changed my URL so many times I just really am curious if anyone still sees this?


  1. This popped up on my reader, it worked for me!

    I really liked the quote. I was just writing about something similar today, thinking of how writing keeps me from getting trapped inside my own head!

    I do hope you keep blogging, but you don't have to feel bad about life getting in the way. I think it is great that you have so much going on that you have trouble finding the time to blog!

  2. Thank you, Willa! I have always enjoyed your writing and need to get your blog link on my list so I can regularly read your posts again.

    We have had many great discussions over the years, haven't we? And yes, it is so true about getting trapped in our own heads... exactly!

  3. I am nominees you quoted me! And I hope you keep blogging....not because you have to ...but I selfishly enjoy your thrust.